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On-Road Refuelling

Welcome to the iWantFuel On-Road refuelling module. As end user you can now harvest the buying power of iWantFuel and get the best prices on-road with ZERO risk.

Whats in it for you?

1. The power of choice

You can choose where to fill up with the best possible prices nationwide.

2. The King of GEO

The system will automatically find the closest refuelling sites to your vehicle.

3. We leave breadcrumbs everywhere

We employ 3 Factor Authentication to eliminate fraud and risk. You can customize your system to allow multiple users with multiple or specific user access and rights.

4. Strong network

More than 300 Trusted and Tested On-Road Refuelling Sites.

5. Actual savings

You get your savings as an instant cash back.

6. a Kid can do this

Extremely easy to use and manage.

7. Always in sight

In-depth reporting, digital slips etc

8. No more sticky fingers

100% Cashless and cardess with extreme security validations in place. Pre and Post fuel collection.

9. Always fair

You ONLY pay for litres ordered and accepted. Overfill is not your fault or problem!

10. No more Expensive Coke's and Pie's

Eliminate driver choice and forces refuelling at pre-determined sites. No more site bribes or under the table insetives.

iWantFuel is a Pro-Active system, we want to help stop fraud before it ends up in a management report.